Dan Reider is a cross-disciplinary designer with a background in graphic design, creative content development and visual identity/brand strategy. He has worked both as an in-house graphic designer and as an independent consultant.

He often aligns with marketing/communications teams, providing brand/visual identity solutions as well as designing business collateral, signage and presentation materials. Dan embraces design thinking, user experience and non-traditional professional collaborations in the pursuit of novel design solutions.

Dan is developing a new framework for creative career transitioning among the baby boomer demographic and seeks communications and design opportunities within the exploding Aging marketplace.

He is certified San Francisco LBE (Local Business Enterprise) and is LEED credentialed.

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  1. Carol High
    May 29, 2014

    Hello Dan:
    I heard your name from Neil Moodie.
    What is a new framework for career transitioning for baby boomers?
    How is this connected with design?
    Thanks for informing.

    • admin
      May 29, 2014

      Hi Carol:

      I’ve developed a prototype for an online-based experiential program that helps baby boomers, in particular, make sense of their professional dislocation. It’s not a job board nor is it a career training site. It’s a place to go to when you’re no longer working at the career or job you had, and due to your age/generation, are beginning the hard search for what comes next. That’s it in a nutshell. I actually spent a year of my own professional dislocation working on this idea (along with lot’s of other things). Ironically, as of 8 months ago, I returned to full-time work as a design director at a SF-based visual communications agency. Happy to chat off-line. danreider1@gmail.com


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